I’m Alex János teacher and Soul-constellation therapist. This website has been created to provide you with useful information about family constellation and Soul-constellation and to let you know in what ways can I help you.

The subconscious ca be made conscious! This is one of my mottoes and it refers to the observation that using Soulconstellation our subconscious patterns can be revealed and if necessary changed. Why is this important? Because based on our experience (and on a lot of ancient traditions) we only have two choices in Life:

  • either we get to understand ourselves, find our place in Life, enhance our consciousness (get rid of the subconscious patterns holding us back from completion) and are present in the present moment consciously making our choices
  • or we are more or less governed by our family’s and society’s (many times unserviceable) patterns, trends and traditions just floating around quite randomly in Life

As I used to say, I have a good and a bad news and they are the same:

The good news: We’ve got freedom of choice in Life, which if used properly allows us to form our lives in the best possible ways. Our lives will only depend on our conscious choices and nobody and nothing can hold us back from making our heart’s desires to come true. Of course to make this happen, we need to take our own fate in our own hands, get to know ourselves, increase our consciousness and reveal our subconscious patterns.

The bad news: We’ve got freedom of choice in Life, so we can blame nobody and nothing if our lives happen to form in a way not favorable for us, because the responsibility is 100% ours. But if we learn to find out when, how and by what have we caused the present situation for example by our previous choices, conscious or subconscious belief-systems, hereditary or brought patterns, etc., than we can regain control over our lives and form our fates according to our greatest visions and the laws of Nature.

About myself: since 1986 I have dealt with self-recognition, self-improvement, understanding how relationships work, positive thinking, kinesiology. However, I experienced something making the fulfillment of my plans and goals difficult, as if I would bounce into a hidden barrier again and again. At that time in 2005 I first came across family constellation.

The method grasped me immediately by the intense experiences, making possible to evoke, go through and settle deep and vehement feelings, causing order, peace and harmony. As soon as possible I started my family constellation training and among others I learned from Bert Hellinger, Arnold and Eva Polivka and Peter Orban. Since 2006 I have been leading family constellations and later Soul-constellations and in 2012 I have started to organise Soul-constellation Therapist Training.

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